22 sept, 2014
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c2200 inst. 004aBSTC Q-LSA12-040

Description :

Installation of retractable hydraulic skis, Wipaire model C-2200, on the main gang, and of a Wipaire model CT-3000 ski on the tail wheel. The main gang of the PA-12 must first be modified to be consistent with that of a PA-18. Some lengthened PA-18 gangs are acceptable. The modification of the main gang is not part of the offered STC. The STC only includes the approval and installation instructions of the skis and the hydraulic system. The purchase of skis, the hydraulic system and all the components required for the installation are to be borne by the installer.

Price: $595




STC Q-LSA16-002/DWinter Kit


Get improved comfort and better durability for your engine with this winter kit for Maule MX-7-180B and C (other models to come soon)

Made of stainless steel, laser cut, bent numerically, this is a high quality kit. The installation requires the permanent fixing of three brackets and to make three holes in the lip of the lower engine cowl by an AME. Afterward, the baffle can be installed or removed by the owner in a few minutes using ratchet keys.

The initial flight tests have demonstrated an oil temperature increase of a little more than 22°C (40°F) with the installation of this kit. This means more heat for you and your passengers, and an engine which will operate in its normal temperature range during cold weather flights.

Price: 750$


You’re interested by this kit and your model is not listed above. Communicate with us by phone or email, and we will note your name, coordinates and Maule model. As soon as we will have enough demand to justify a new model, we will proceed to add it.


STC Q-LSA14-015/DFiller Neck


All Swift owners know that fuelling two tanks with a single fueling point can be slow.  It also leaves you no way of checking that the second tank is full, and there has been documented case of accidents because pilots thought they had more fuel then they really had.  This fuel filler neck for the Globe Swift’s right hand side fuel tank is the solution.  It consists of three parts only, the filler neck itself, a skin doubler and a fuel cap, and can be installed in less than three hours.  No welding necessary for the installation.  Great attention has been put into the design to preserve the original look of the aircraft.  With it, you will no longer need to lift the left wing to speed up fueling, you fill up the right tank directly, and you can visually check that the tank is full or make direct measurements.  Safety, peace of mind and convenience, all in one kit.

Price: To be confirmed shortly