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4 sept, 2014
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img_home_1For any repair missing from the manufacturer’s manual, adaptation of an aircraft for a particular application, or other intervention out of the ordinary, major aircraft operators have their own engineering department. But for the various AMOs in Quebec, which have limited means and infrequent needs, Alevia Aero can play a similar role..

« Concisely, maintenance centers can contact us for any intervention that requires certification or approval from Transport Canada, according to François Côté, founding president. Whether for a crack longer than the length allowed by the repair manual, the use of a non-OEM replacement part, or the installation of a special device on an aircraft, we can work hand-in-hand with AMOs in order to help them fulfill specific needs. »


Specialized in mechanical systems and engine installations, Alevia Aero has developed a particular expertise in design and certification. Its president, which has worked frequently with Transport Canada, has developed a refined knowledge of the regulations surrounding aircraft certification.


img_home_3« In short, we do not generally work directly on parts or the aircraft itself: the scope of our work generally includes the design and the steps surrounding its approval. The maintenance workshop then performs the manual labor. »


In order to facilitate this collaboration, Alevia Aero displays undeniable honesty and transparency. « Our staff always takes the time to explain precisely the nature of the steps that will be taken, so as to avoid any unpleasant surprises in terms of costs or delays. »

Furthermore, note that François Côté plans to consolidate his relationship with AMOs, by setting up a system that would encourage them to contact his company when they detect a recurring problem for this they have a solution to offer. « I would then get this solution approved, market it, and the AMO that brought it to me would receive a portion of the profits. This would benefit the whole industry by making modifications, or STCs, widely known. »


A new, innovative and inventive approach… consistent with Alevia Aero’s reputation!

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This text is drawn from Magasine Aviation, September and October 2014

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