4 sept, 2014
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Approval of repair design

entrepriseWe all know that each aircraft has its flaws.  At Alevia Aero, we also know that those who work hands-on on aircraft maintenance are in the best position to know these flaws, and often enough even the proper solution. For this reason, we have created an incentives program which will provide you with 10% of the proceeds from any solution that you submit to us and that we bring to market.  A single reward per suggestion, so hurry up before someone takes yours!

Supplementary Type Certificate (STC)

Whether for aerial work, aircraft modernization or marketing an idea, everyone has their reasons to want an STC.  At Alevia Aero, we are certification specialists, and we know the exact steps required to obtain the STC so desired.  For individuals, we can even spread your payments over 12 months (on credit approval).  Bids are always free.